July 2, 2010


Why are the wives of America so insistent on destroying their precious husband's health and will to live week after week? It seems like the ultimate oxymoron: they get baby hungry and constantly want more children, yet they turn a blind eye to the well documented fact that the Mayo Clinic lists the viewing of So You Think You Can Dance as the number one offender on the list of things that will make you sterile.
So thanks to my dear, sweet, loving, selfless wife I am now on fertility medication and have to endure the constant bombardment of So You Think You Can Dance to my home television, sacred DVR space, sanity, and most importantly, my soul. So after nearly being driven to the bottle, I am fighting back in the only way I know how. I have been stockpiling quotes and will be adding a weekly "So You Wish You Were Dead Quote of The Week" section to my blog. Here is this weeks quote:

"This dance is crazy, crazy, fast. It's about two mystical creatures who one moment in a year become human and rejoice!"

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