May 18, 2010


Top Ten Movies of 2009
It was another monster down year for films so blame the film industry for my incomplete list.

1- Inglorious Basterds
Tarantino is still the best writer/director in the Biz. I demand to know why this film wasn't released during Oscar season.

2- The Informant!
The most under appreciated film of last year period. Review to come soon.

3- The Road
Another film based on a Cormac McCarthy novel, and just like No Country For Old Men This film is as good as the book.. possibly even better. Blasphemy?

4- The Hangover
"The language in this movie is offensive!" I feel guilty about this movie making the list, but it could easily make my top 3 depending on the day you ask me. Zach Galifianakis makes this movie. One of the most quotable movies of the last ten years. Turn the film off after they make "the deal," before the credits show.. I still haven't seen it.

5- The Hurt Locker
What can I say? It won the Oscar and I can't argue with it, great movie.

6- Fantastic Mr. Fox
Wes Anderson doesn't get the Tarantino-type reverance that he deserves. Watch this movie, then watch The Darjeeling Limited, The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and Bottle Rocket.

19- Sherlock Holmes
21- Up In The Air
28- District 9
34- Star Trek
39- Avatar
41- A Serious Man
487- Wolverine
987- Transformers 2

*Lost art from Inglorious Basterds as featured above can be viewed here.
Make sure you have both an empty stomach and find yourself unsympathetic to the views of the nazi party prior to viewing.

*LCD Sound System are releasing their 3rd album today. So far they are two for two so I'm betting this album will be worth purchasing, unless of course you have already purchased the new Justin Bieber album which I'm more than positive is just as worthy of your hard earned money.

*Speaking of Brother Bieber, it looks like dude finally got some prison ink done.
What took so long?! It's not like he is 15 anymore. Apparently he wanted the tattoo placed where he one day hopes to have pubic tresses.

*If you aren't a wealthy land owner that already owns Avatar on Blu Ray, It's now available for the poor on DVD at Redbox today.

*One last thing. "Just when I thought Shia Labeouf couldn't get any dumber he goes and says something this... and totally redeems himself!"
Okay well not totally, I'm sure he doesn't have a problem cashing those royalty checks.


  1. You failed to mention "The Usual Suspect" Nobody, I mean NOBODY saw the ending of this one coming. Not only was it well written, but who else could have pulled off the acting like Kevin Spacey, I love to watch anything he is in and that goes for Morgan Freeman too... This must make the top 10

  2. In a few weeks I plan to do a top 30 films of the last 30 years list and "The Usual Suspects" will make the list for sure.