May 14, 2010


Like everyone & their little brother I've decided to start a DAILY BLOG. I wish I could say that it is for any reason other than the fact that my wife no longer pays attention or even fakes interest in any of my half-baked, pointless, and always senseless daily musings but, that would be an outright lie. So it is because of her that I will now publish these thoughts and punish any and all readers instead.

I recently read about two complete dorks that got married after meeting through comments shared on a blog that they were both following. I promise the same results to any that unwisely choose to read my blog, (so here's to you Mom). I can also Promise that My blog will include, but is not limited to the following: spelling errors, punctuational errors, and grammatical errors of every kind, offensive comments, broken web links, pictures that fail to post or even open, atrocious diction, and many apologies.

I plan to include weekly movie, album, TV show & book reviews, fashion tips, reasons why my wife thinks I'm gay, sports topics, as well as my dislike for the soft, non sport, European waste of time called soccer, family and friend "celebrity interviews", my man crush of the month, reasons why my daughter is cuter than yours, and much, much more.

Please feel free to leave comments and please include the minutes and seconds you've lost of your life that you will never get back that you spent reading my mindless drivel. One last note, I am almost positive that reading this blog will make you sterile so please do so at your own risk.. WELCOME.

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  1. Dale Murphy sucked...that's right, I went there. Even after all these years you still hate the world's greatest sport, and that I cannot abide!