May 20, 2010


Now that American Idol and Lost are wrapping up you can quit wasting your time and start watching something you should have been watching for months.
ESPN waited 30 years to bring us their best idea since Sports Center. Its called 30 for 30, a series of documentaries covering 30 years. This series is so worth your time even Ron Burgundy is putting aside his past issues with ESPN just to watch it.
The bad news is if you haven't been following them then you have already missed 15 of the 30 documentaries. The good news is they rerun previous episodes all the time on ESPN & ESPN2. It's the perfect series to watch with your spouse because it has sports for the husband and a plot and back story for the wife to enjoy. Each documentary is done by a different person varying from professional Hollywood directors like Spike Jonze, (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation), Barry Levinson, (The Natural, Rain Man, Wag The Dog), Steve James, (Hoop Dreams, Prefontaine), to guys like Steve Nash and Ice Cube.
Anyway, set your DVR to start recording these. Here is the full schedule.

* My wife was watching a show on TLC that I completely got sucked into. Its about a cute little four-year-old boy with a genetic disorder called myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy. I feel so bad for him. This disease makes him three times stronger than an average kid his age. He was moving furniture at age two. Basically, the disease makes this poor kid look normal while having to Carry around the burden of being faster, stronger, more developed, and more coordinated than all the other kids. Oh yeah, all while being super ripped. Basically the kid is a human ant. The show was aptly called Worlds Strongest Toddler.
I'm so thankful I don't have this rare, untreatable genetic disorder. It was fun to barely be able to rainbow throw a baseball from second base to first base. I loved being the last kid in kindergarten to tie my own shoes. Being told my leg looked like a golf ball in a garden hose was a memory I'll always cherish. I think I speak for all of us when I say I wish this kid the best of luck and he's in my prayers.

*Are you sitting down? This may be the most shocking news you've heard. According to, in this years upcoming NBA draft the Utah Jazz are in line to pick.. wait for it... that's right, another white player. Shocking, I know. After I first read it I had the same reaction you must be having, thinking it has to be a mistake. Yahoo! Sports is not only reporting the same thing, but for good measure they have also included a photo of John Wall laughing at the Jazz.
My favorite part is the similarities to a fan favorite that held the Jazz payroll hostage for 10 long years. This year will be the 15 year anniversary of the "Ostertag draft". To celebrate let's count the the things the two players have in common. Big? Check. White? Check. Slow? Check. Play center? Check. Same college? Check. I can only hope that's where the similarities end, but when I read things like "His unorthodox shooting style makes him appear to be less coordinated and less efficient than he actually is," and, "His defensive speed laterally is a little slow," it doesn't give me a great feeling inside. I think the real question we are all asking ourselves is: "Does Cole Aldrich have a Greg Ostertag, Fred effing Flintstone tattoo anywhere on his body?"

*Are you a BYU football fan? I'm sorry. Rather than reading this do yourself a favor and drum punch yourself in the beanbag. Trust me, it will hurt less and wont completely ruin your day.
To all my friends that are U of U football fans, I know I'm asking a lot here, but if you haven't passed out yet, put down the bottle and put out your cigarette. Get out of your recliner and head to the kitchen to drink some of your stale coffee left over from this morning to help you sober up. Now that you are sober, take off the only two articles of clothing you are wearing, (underwear & tube socks), and go streaking "up through the quad to the gymnasium" to celebrate.
Seriously though, I think it may end up being a long year for my Cougs.

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  1. Just when I was forgetting the reality (or should I say the fairy tale world) of the Jazz,you open my eyes once again about the bad judgements and poor draft choices of the Jazz office. And as bile shoots up my throat, as I think about the money Ostertag made with his tenure with the Jazz (I think it was about 125,000.00 per game, you write a blog that dashes all hope (if there really was any) of the Jazz being anything but a bridesmaid through-out all eternity. But a man can hope can't he, because they did draft Darren Williams.
    Oh and you have way to much time on your hands if you can actually research and find the tatoo of Fred Flinstone (once again that bile thing is working its way up again). Maybe one day I can scrape the image of it off the walls of my brain.
    by the way great blogs, keep it up,