June 17, 2010


The Golden State Warriors are on the short list of teams competing for the title of worst uniforms currently worn in the NBA, and for as bad as these little orange numbers are, they are by no means even close to being the worst in the league.

It's a shame too, because with the exception of the current uniforms Golden State has been wearing since the late 90's, they have had a pretty good track record. This includes being the current holder of the coveted title of "GREATEST UNIFORMS OF ALL TIME" for "The City" uniforms that they wore from 1962 - 1971. These were the perfect uniforms in every way: unique logo/ jersey number combo on the front, and even more unique and original designed on the back that featured the jersey number inside a San Francisco cable car and the icing on the cake of having the players name below the jersey number/ cable car.

The good news is that today The Golden State Warriors announced that not only have they changed their colors back, but they are changing their logo back to a similar version of "The City" 1962 - 1971 masterpieces. I actually think this is an upgrade to that logo, it is more clean and direct. The accompanying uniforms won't be released for another month or two, but I can only hope they are going to keep with the current trend and go for a retro look that features the new logo, but keeps the back of the jersey identical to "The City" cable car jerseys. So with the new/retro colors and logo, they are halfway home. Let's just cross our fingers and hope they don't screw up the uniforms... again.

- The Utah Jazz are also changing things up. Last season they started wearing the retro green uniforms with the old logo and they were a huge success with the fans and players. They were such a fit among the fans that The Jazz would be wearing their home white jerseys and the fans in the crowd would be a sea of green.

They had already made the announcement during the season, so everyone saw this coming. The announcement today was more to make things official and show the new/retro logo. Similar to what Golden State is doing, they are just tweaking a retro logo; the only problem is they are already starting to do what the jazz do best: overdoing it. Instead of simply changing the logo from purple to blue they added some unnecessary green and gray accents to the lettering. If they are already making blunders with something as easy as a logo, the uniforms (that won't be released for two months) may end up a big ugly embarrassment. Like it's not already hard enough to get free agents to sign to play in Utah...

I think the secret to a good looking uniform is keeping a simple classic look, something that could have been worn and fit right in with past decades then adding something new and improved to it like a logo on the back of the jersey, butt of the shorts, bolder colors etc. With all the alternate uniforms and retros teams can wear now, there is no excuse to have ugly uniforms... and with that I give you


- The Chicago Bulls

Clean cut, straight forward, classic looking uniforms updated with the shiny dazzle fabric a la The Iverson Philadelphia days. The Bulls have far and away the best shorts in the NBA.

I have received inside information, and personally believe that LeBron James will be signing with Chicago this off season for no other reason than to wear their uniforms.


Simple color scheme that stand the test of time, swoop neck, perfect use of side paneling, and they have tastefully found a way to include the logo in the lettering. This may very well be the all around best jersey in the association.


These are everything you want in a uniform: traditional and simple. They honor the past, but have also updated them by adding the shamrock on the back.

HONORABLE MENTION: The Denver Nuggets, Portland Trail Blazers, and The Cleveland Cavilers with their 487 retro uniform combinations.


- The Washington Wizards:

In my early teens I read somewhere in Sports Illustrated for Kids that the then Washington Bullets wanted a less violent name and were taking a poll as to what the name should be. I think back then I liked the idea of The Washington Presidents. Anyway, kids sent in drawings and concept logos for the team from all over the country. I remember one of the options to name the team was the Wizards. I told my Mom verbatim: "This is the gayest name for a sports team I've ever heard, who would ever vote for that?! Look at this logo I could draw something better than this with my left hand!" So when the name was finally picked and I saw the logo, I couldn't believe it. Apparently not only did they want the worst name in the league, but I guess they thought it was important to run the entire gauntlet and also to have the worst logo and uniforms too. They chose teal and gold as their colors and have tried to church it up with adding black. Almost 15 years later and still going strong.

- The Milwaukee Bucks

Who in there right mind chooses the colors of Christmas as their teams year round colors?! I'll tell you who, The Milwaukee effing Bucks do! For a team that doesn't have a spotlighted game on Christmas day they sure do love the colors of December. For as long as I can remember the bucks have been a laughing stock, and for me it starts and ends with their uniforms.

Unspeakable things like the "Self High Five" only occur when you tempt the basketball gods by wearing the same thing as the elves in the North Pole.

- The Phoenix Suns

Like Golden State, this team was once the proud owner of some of the best uniforms in the league such as those worn by "The Round Mound of Rebound" Sir Charles Barkley

Much has changed since then, way too much actually. I don't know what to say about these things except I believe the creation of these uniforms was based on a dare... a late night, drunken, dare, that may or may not have also involved a high stakes poker game by the team owner. See for yourself.

DISHONORABLE MENTION: In a league full of uniforms containing way more misses than hits, there are too many to list.

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