June 14, 2010


For this month's "Celebrity" Text Interview I had the privilege of spending the weekend texting back and forth with my friend Chrissy, while also attending my father-in-law's birthday party, a 12 step recovery meeting, church, family dinner and spending time with my daughter. This month's celebrity is a woman whose accomplishments are many. Besides being a world class athlete, she is also a big NHL hockey fan, a mother of two, and is the recent recipient of the Mother Teresa Award for most thoughtful person... ever. If you want to feel bad about yourself, hangout with her for a few days.

POp! (4:42pm): Welcome to the second installment of "Celebrity" Text Interviews. I am honored that you would take the time out of your busy schedule.

Chrissy (4:49pm): It's my pleasure to be interviewed by such a prestigious blog!

POp! (4:42pm): What are your thoughts on Albert Einstein's Theory Of Relativity as it relates to time dilation and the "Twin Paradox"?

Chrissy (5:50pm): That is a very good question, but what we should be talking about is Michael Moore's views on the car industry, health care, and capitalism. Most importantly the car industry. Do you think Michael should do another movie on GM after what the government did?

POp! (5:59pm): I know you are the "celebrity", but who is interviewing who here?! If it's okay with you, I'll be asking the questions! Seriously let's really talk about that. You were also born and raised in Detroit right?

Chrissy (6:08pm): "I'm sorry, I thought this was America! Isn't this America? I'm sorry I thought I could ask questions!" But yes, I was born and raised 15 minutes south of Detroit in a little place called Southgate.

POp! (6:29pm): And with that we have our Youtube video link. Speaking of Michael Moore, have you ever watched the documentary Roger & Me? For someone that has never been to Michigan, it blows me away at what has become of cities like Detroit and Flint.

Chrissy (6:33pm): I have not seen Roger & Me, I think Michael Moore is an idiot and refuse to support his movies.

POp! (6:35pm): Do you ever watch the Youtube videos of Detroit Then and Now, or Detroit: City on a Move or have you been back to visit or recently driven past? How tough is it?

Chrissy (6:39pm): I don't watch the Youtube videos either. I was just back home last September and driving through Detroit is so depressing. It's full of abandoned buildings and it's spreading outward. Even the town I grew up in is becoming ghetto because everyone moved out of Detroit and into the suburbs. I love Michigan, but it's a pretty sad state right now.

POp! (6:40pm): Did your parents ever take you on vacation to Flint to see AutoWorld?

Chrissy (6:42pm): AutoWorld only lasted for like 6 months, so now we never made it out there.. and just so we are clear I am from Detroit, not Flint, big difference. Neither of my parents worked for the auto industry growing up so we stayed clear of most of that stuff. We went to places like Cedar Point instead, (I highly recommend a visit there!).

POp! (6:43pm): Yeah it's really sad, Roger & Me is actually a half decent film, I recommend watching it and some of those videos when you get a chance. Okay, so besides Motown and Eminem what is the best thing to come from Detroit?

Chrissy (6:57pm): I think Henry Ford is the best thing to come from Detroit. Even though the car industry there has tanked now, he started the assembly line and he was against labor unions. Oh, and of course, Faygo soda pop and Bettermade potato chips!

POp! (9:31pm): I was hoping you were going to say Faygo. It doesn't get better than an ice cold Rock & Rye flavored Faygo; or Vernors ginger ale.. great beverage, not so great advertising (see below). Last question on Detroit music, then we'll change topics. Do you realize how much good music of every genre has come out of Detroit? Who is your favorite?

Chrissy (9:38pm): Technically my favorite came from Ann Arbor, but that still counts. He goes by the name of Bob Segar.

POp! (9:45pm): Good call, I love me some Bob and his Silver Bullet Band. Ann Arbor counts for sure. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Iggy Pop & The Stooges are from Ann Arbor and were a major influence and at the roots of the punk rock movement. I think Jack White (The White Stripes) is the most recent phenom from Detroit's music scene.
Okay, so let's talk about your recent super human, semi impossible accomplishment. What was it?

Chrissy (9:49pm): You must be talking about me birthing a 9lb 8oz baby NATURALLY eleven months ago.

POp! (9:52pm): That is going on your Hall Of Fame highlight reel, but it's even more recent than that, even less than a week old. Anything else come to mind?

Chrissy (9:59pm): Nope nothing comes to mind :)

POp! (10:03pm): Looking down at your missing toenail may help freshen your memory. Less than a year after having your baby son naturally, you ran your first marathon. What's even more crazy is you completed it in under five hours! Ring a bell?

Chrissy (10:05pm): Oh, you meant that. That was a week ago, that's old news. But yes, that does ring a bell.

POp! (10:13pm): Yeah that little ol' thing. So how does it feel? More importantly, has it ever been done before?

Chrissy (10:22pm): I am not sure if it has ever been done, but I know that some old man speed waking beat my time! Honestly, it doesn't even feel like I did it.

POp! (10:29m): Don't be modest.

Chrissy (10:35pm): I am serious, it doesn't feel like I did it. I can't believe I did so well. I went into it thinking I was going to go through 6 hours of limping but the opposite happened. I have never felt so good! I was able to run the entire thing and paced myself faster than usual from the start and somehow maintained that until mile 20 when I stopped for an oyster shooter, then mile 21-25 were rough. The last 1.2 miles kicked my butt!

Next day..

POp! (10:21am): Who eats an oyster at such a critical point of the marathon?! Is it true you are planning on doing another one in the near-distant future?

Chrissy (10:30am):It's kind of a "tradition" at the Newport marathon to do the oyster shots and you know I never pass up a chance to participate in a tradition :). Some guy did over 100 oysters that day, one for every marathon he's done. I will not be doing over 100 marathons, but I do want to run a half marathon with your wonderful wife in July and I am getting a group of girls together from my church to run a half marathon in September. I want to keep running, but no more marathons for a while just because I HATE training for it.

POp! (10:46am): Either that guy really likes oysters or really likes attention. I am almost positive when that guy isn't at a marathon he is riding around town on a unicycle. I puked my guts out in the downtown Portland Red Robin bathroom after running a marathon in October and that was on an oyster free stomach. You basically had the same time as your husband and brother-in-law's marathon time. Are you hugely disappointed you didn't beat my marathon time?

Chrissy (10:53am): Maybe if I would have went and trained in Salt Lake City in a different elevation and then come to beautiful Portland and breathed the fresh clean air for 26.2 miles then I could have beat your time. Let's be clear, I did not beat Seth & Scott's time. I am just proud to have beaten my own goal. What's most important is that I did it, finishing in under five hours is icing on the cake!

POp! (11:04am): The air slowed me down. It was so thick and dewy sweet, I choked several times. There should be a banquet held in your honor. That's a big accomplishment. We all grew marathon mustaches when we ran our marathon. Have you shaven yours off yet?

Chrissy (12:31pm): My mustache is a permanent thing, no matter what I do it does not go away! Seth did grow his hair out in honor of my marathon. It got super long!

POp! (12:57pm): How would you best describe how rigorous training for a marathon is after just having a baby?

Chrissy (1:09pm): Sometimes it felt like my uterus was going to fall out, but other than that, physically it wasn't too bad. The hardest part was fitting it into my schedule. With two kids at home there is never a convenient time to go running and I couldn't run alone at night so I tried to run in the morning, but that didn't always end up happening. Honestly, I skipped a lot of weekday runs, but always tried to get my Saturday long runs in.

POp! (1:12pm): So basically your advice to everyone is pick a training program and then cheat, just don't skip the Saturday long runs? If you don't mind me asking, how much weight did you lose in the process?

Chrissy (1:15pm): Don't you know you should never ask a woman about her weight! I lost 13 pounds since February when I started training.

POp! (1:26pm): What you did was near impossible.. with that said, did you take steroids the entire training program or just the day of? The whole thing is such an amazing accomplishment, you realize you are a freak right? You are actually more famously known for something else, what is it?

Chrissy (1:36pm): I am glad your true feeling about me are finally coming out, I always knew you and your wife thought I was a freak! No Idea.

POp! (1:45pm): You are married to a guy that is one of only a few people that can make me laugh. You are equally hilarious. Is it true you are so devoted to comedy that you purposely chipped your daughters front tooth to make her look like Lloyd Christmas from the comedy Dumb and Dumber?

Chrissy (1:48pm): I did do that and I would do it again given the chance!

POp! (1:52pm): That's what I thought you would say. Seriously though, every person that knows you, including myself, considers you to be the most thoughtful person they know. So how does one become so thoughtful?

Chrissy (2:21pm): I am sure there are some out there who may disagree with you, but I do think it is important to show people you care about them, especially when you don't get to see them everyday. My husband Seth is a great example of this, he really cares a lot for people! sometimes I am a little too vocal about how I feel, but it is very important to me that I not only tell the people I care about, but I show them. There are a few things in life that I know for sure. One of those is that friendship is a gift and true friends will always value and uplift you. The other is if Seth says, "Open up or I will kick the door in," open the door because he will kick it in! :)

POp! (2:37pm): As an I witness to Seth's door incident, after seeing that door come apart like that I've decided I never want to get kicked in the liver by that man. He needs to be fighting crime with those legs. I have a close friend named Russ. If he, or anyone else for that matter, wanted to start being a more caring person what tips would you offer them?

Chrissy (2:47pm): My only advice would be not to let fear of embarrassment stop you from showing people you care. Sometimes others may not appreciate of understand you, but a true friend will always value you. I am not by any means perfect, I have a lot to learn, but I hope that those around me know how much I really do care about them. Fear has stopped me a lot from doing things, but I try not to worry that someone will think I am weird if I make them a cake shaped like a tooth. It is very important not to let fear of being embarrassed stop you from doing something thoughtful for someone else. I hope that makes sense.

POp! (7:51pm): Well said. Have you ever met anyone that didn't like you?

Chrissy (8:35pm): I am going to plead the fifth!

POp! (8:39pm): I like that. Now that we are nearing the end of the interview, as a globe trotting jet setter I've got to ask, where is your favorite place to eat in Portland?

Chrissy (8:43pm): I used to have a favorite Chinese restaurant, but had to stop going there because they "no longer accept the check over $20." Seriously, I really like Yen's Chinese and a little place called Pine State Biscuits. Seth took me there for my birthday and it's super good, it's on our list of places to take you guys the next time you come to visit.

Editors note: Chrissy is referring to a handmade sign that is written in broken english that hangs at the Chinese restaurant, I couldn't find the picture I took of it on my phone.

POp! (8:48pm): Sounds really good. Maybe my wife can tell me she thinks I'm gay again like the road trip to visit you and Seth 3 years ago. I'm still a huge Voodoo Donuts fan ever since you, Seth, and Scott took me there. Bacon on top a maple bar has to be really good for my arteries right?

Chrissy (8:52pm): That was just the start of many great memories of coming to visit. That was the same trip Seth kicked in the door! I haven't been back to Voodoo since we went with you guys. Elephant Ears are also on the top of my list. Now I am hungry!

POp! (9:02pm): That is the same trip! I completely forgot. Classic. Speaking of our next trip to Portland, do you know of any place in the Portland area I can get a quality non dairy cup of yogurt?

Chrissy (9:25pm): Do I?!? You have come to the right person. I know where you can get some in the Portland area, Eugene, and Bend Oregon and also in the Seattle area. :)

POp! (9:28pm): That's just amazing; it almost sounds to good to be true. So what you are saying is not only does this product exist, but it's locally owned and easy to find!? Where is the catch?? I'm sure this product this good is way expensive and out of my price range?

Chrissy (9:42pm): That is exactly what I am saying! Not only do I know where you can get yogurt, but also chocolate milk, strawberry milk or vanilla flavored milk! All at a low price. Visit www.gatafoods.com and it will tell you all about it.

POp! (9:46pm): Wow that was helpful and informative. Alright, last question is Detroit music related. Madonna is from the Detroit area. What do you think of her Detroit ghetto British accent?! As with all our celebrity guests on this blog, we will finish this interview with a list. So in leu of your Detroit Redwings lack luster season, shall we make a list of our top three hockey movies of all time together picking in order?


Chrissy (9:56pm): No comment. Sure! You already know Miracle is my top pick (because it is a great uplifting movie and it is the first movie Seth and I ever watched together).

POp! (10:04pm): I can't argue with that. My top pick for best hockey movie of all time has to be Slap Shot. The language is terrible, but it's such a great sports movie before good sports movies were being made. Plus it doesn't hurt that Paul Newman is perfect as usual in that role. Who's next on your list?


Chrissy (10:06pm): A while ago I saw the movie Mystery Alaska and I remember liking it.

POp! (10:08pm): My Second pick is a close call between Miracle and this abominable home video featuring the song from the underrated classic 80's BMX movie "Rad."


Chrissy (10:09pm): And of course I have Mighty Ducks on the list!

POp! (10:12pm): Okay the gay man in me is coming out on this. For my third pick I'm going with The Cutting Edge.

Chrissy (10:14pm):Okay, I thought about The Cutting Edge, but technically I put that as a figure skating movie more than a hockey movie. "TOE PICK!!!"

POp! (10:19pm): Thanks for that. I sound even more gay now. I appreciate that. I've always said that If I was ever a professional wrestler that "The Pamchenko Twist" would be my finishing move, but instead of having a female partner skating out unharmed, it would end with a swinging neck breaker.

Chrissy (10:23pm): Are you sure you're not gay? Just kidding. :)

POp! (10:24pm): And with that, another great "Celebrity" Text Interview is in the books. Thanks for the great conversation, we'll have to do it again. Any final comments?

Chrissy (10:28pm): Please come visit soon! Thanks for thinking so highly of me, I am really not sure why you do, but I really do appreciate you and Angie, you are great friends!

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