June 9, 2010


Whether it's sports movies or real life, it's hard for coaches to get the respect and credit they probably deserve. What's even harder is to be the best and worst at something at the same time. These coaches, however, manage to somehow do just that. So In wake of Dennis Hopper's passing here is a list of some of the best/worst sports movie coaches of all time.

- Shooter "Hoosiers"

Dennis Hopper earned his only Oscar nomination as an actor in his role as the town drunk turned assistant coach. Many will put "Hoosiers" at the top of the list of greatest sports films of all time, but forget how great Hopper was in this role. As you watch the movie you end up pulling for Shooter almost as much as you do the boys from Hickory. Pretty powerful considering his small role in the film. Here he is running the ol' "picket fence".

- Bobby Finstock "Teen Wolf"

He may not only be the most underrated sports movie character of all time but, he has to be high on the list for most underrated movie character of all time period. Coach Finstock is so quotable that he steals every scene he is in. It's extremely hard to find fault with a film that is in the holy trinity of 80's films, but if it does have a flaw it has to be the lack of screen time allotted to Coach Finstock. It's been 25 years and I'm still uncertain of why he doesn't get the praise he deserves. How did he not have his own 80's spin-off TV sitcom?!

- Jimmy Dugan "A League of Their Own"

Before he was wining Oscars as Andrew Beckett and Forest Gump, Tom Hanks was Coach Jimmy Dugan, a scene stealing, fast talking, rude, crude, alcoholic manager of the Rockford Peaches. Unlike Bobby Finstock, this character gets plenty of love, and deservedly so. If it's somehow possible to be the best and worst coach at the same time, Jimmy Dugan is definitely in contention for that title. If you are up for a little classic off-color language to start your day, this is for you.

- John Kreese "The Karate Kid"

Last, and easily the most menacing of the group is the second character on today's list to represent the holy trinity of 80's movies. No complaints here concerning screen time, Sensei Kreese gets the perfect amount camera time and makes the most of it. Like the others on this list, he delivers classic quote after classic quote. To name just a few:
"Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it? Pain does not exist in this dojo, does it? Defeat does not exist in this dojo, does it?"
"No mercy."
"Finish Him!"
"You're a pushy little b@$*#*d, ain't ya? But I like that. I like that!"
"Sweep the Leg!"

For anyone that has ever played golf with me you will recognize the picture below. It is a picture I took of a homemade golf towel that hangs on my golf bag that I made out of an oversized shirt from my sister Candice. It's rumored to strike fear deep into the heart of anyone that I play against.

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  1. How dare you leave out Pop Fisher and Red from The Natural. The Gay coach from Teenwolf isn't even close to worthy, he sucked as a coach, the only reason his team won was because he had a freaking werewolf/Jordan genetic experiment on his team. Pop Fisher had to win despite having a niece who was trying to kill his best players.
    I am disappointed in you, very disappointed.
    You are lucky that Mickey is a trainer and not a coach or I would have your ass for breakfast.