June 15, 2010



It seems like no matter how many new sitcoms get added to the TV lineup every year, it just gets harder and harder to find one worthy of your time. You would think that in the modern age of technology and television with all of the thousands of channels now available to choose from that not only should it be effortless to find, but there should be more quality sitcoms than you could ever possibly have the time to record, let alone watch. In the endless sea of reality TV shows, sitcoms are quickly becoming the odd man out. Even worse, they look to be going the way of the dinosaur.
It is in these moments of deep despair, when I feel I have left no stone unturned that I look to my Pepperdine educated friend of almost 15 years. Besides being a highly regarded attorney at law, DJ also has an uncanny knack at finding needles in the haystack when it comes to TV sitcoms. He is the same person that recommended The Office (UK) to me a few years ago, which just so happens to be without a doubt one of the greatest/underrated TV series of all time.

It was upon hearing of my most recent predicament that he referred me to It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I don't want to overhype it for you, so I'll keep it brief, but in the short time I have been watching it I have yet to view a sub par or even mediocre episode. It is a well written, well acted, hilarious TV series that doesn't make the mistake of being heavy handed with any one certain character like a lot of sitcoms. It is more than worth your time and coveted DVR space. Along with airing on FX channel, it is now in syndication on Comedy Central and can be seen in a two hour block every monday night. Do yourself a favor at set up your DVR to start recording it this week.

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