June 25, 2010


Today marks the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death; and now that the all the irritating, juvenile, and trendy Mj buzz has died down it may be okay to watch a few videos in his memory.

Again, I realize every time John Mayer opens his mouth he makes it impossible to like him or his music, but there is no getting past the fact that his amazing performance of Human Nature was the single best performance of the entire Michael Jackson memorial service.

Does this cover of Beat It feature a face melting Eddie Van Halen guitar solo like the original? No.
Does it contain a man with a mullet, Fedora, mustache, pockmarks, long A! fingernails, an acoustic guitar, and a semi-creepy, rouge colored, crushed velvet backdrop? Yes.

This next video features what may be the greatest and only love song ever written to a whale in the history of mankind. Is it also one of my favorite MJ songs? No comment.

PS. How is it okay that Michael Jackson wore white socks with black shoes and black pants?

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  1. I have to agree with you, the John Mayer performance was amazing, I must have replayed it over a dozen of times. Thanks for Letting me listen to it again...great blog