June 2, 2010


Entertainment Weekly ranks the 100 greatest characters of the last 20 years. How does arguably the greatest TV character of all time, George Costanza, not make the top ten?! He was left off the list completely.
There are so many things wrong with list it deserves its own blog.

-Do you want to be reminded how much you hate grocery shopping? I am probably the last to find out about this website, but for those of you who have no soul here you go.

-Can't get enough Tracy Mogan/ Jordan? Me either, Here is everything he said on 30 Rock this season.

-Much like Kanye West, I realize John Mayer has made it nearly impossible to like him. Maybe, just maybe, since this is a Bruce Springsteen song we can rationalize and say it is okay to listen to just this once.

-After 3 long years after the release of one of the greatest albums of the decade, 2007's Neon Bible, Arcade Fire's new album comes out Aug. 2.

-Have you ever wanted to know the exact specs of John Malkovich's home made plastic gun he used for his attempt to assassinate the President in the movie In the Line of Fire? How about any other gun in any other movie for that matter? Well thanks to this website you will want no longer. It is just like IMDB.com, only it focuses on the instruments of death you originally paid to see before that whole plot thing got in the way and ruined the experience.

-Apparently The Utah Jazz still quite haven't found the white player they are looking for yet. My favorite part of the article is in the title: "Utah Jazz might surprise..."

-Have you seen these abominations?

I think the rough translation of this ad is: "Now dead beat dads can receive pictures of their daughters classing up our city streets with short shorts at an even earlier age". I've been saying for years that it's never too early for a young, impressionable, child to start wearing Daisy Duke jeans. Upon reading this blog, if you find yourself saying, "I have to get these for my baby", do me a favor and add TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras to your DVR right now. Also lovingly explain to your child that you won't be seeing them in heaven.

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