June 22, 2010


- A People's History Of The United States

Forget that it's a history book, A People's History Of The United States is one of the best books you'll ever read. It easily ranks in my top five favorite books, and contains almost everything they should teach you in school, but don't.

- Rolling Stone Magazine's Decades Best List Issue

A must read if for no other reason than to give you something to debate and disagree on with your friends and spouse. Like all "best of" lists, it has its flaws, but with that said, it is one of the better and more accurate lists out there and is a must read.

- Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Nutrition Facts

After recently reading the nutrition facts of Kraft's Mac & Cheese, I realized: A. I am going to die a lot faster than I thought, and B. I need to consult my physician as soon as humanly possible. I've eaten this stuff for years and had no idea that I would have been better off running a hose from the exhaust pipe of my truck in through my widow while I ate a box of Twinkies. They should save everyone time and change the nutrition facts on the box into the form of a question, maybe something like, "When was the last time you updated your Last Will and Testament?"

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